Student Employment

Market the Leadership Development Value of Student Employment

Students know that employment is valuable in the sense that their earnings can help pay the bills. Yet, student employment can also be highly beneficial to students in developing their leadership competencies and preparing them for post-college employment. By sharing leadership competencies associated with each student employee position through marketing and outreach initiatives, students can consider what they will learn as a part of the on-campus job search process. Create a searchable database or master list of all competencies and associated student employee roles so students can look up a competency they want to develop and find all positions with that competency.

Intentionally Design, Deliver, and Assess Student Employee Training

How can we make sure that our training for student employees is designed to help students be successful in their specific roles? Using pre-established curriculum, you can design and deliver intentional training grounded in the competencies students need for their roles and use standardized assessment measurements to assess learning and development.

Make Student Employment an Intentional Learning Opportunity

We know that students learn and develop by participating in student employee roles. But, how can we help make this learning intentional and then accurately measure it? Have student employees take the Student Leadership Competencies Inventory to self-assess their competency proficiency and create a competency-based professional development plan related to their roles. In addition, using the Student Leadership Competencies® assessment tools can provide insight to help advise and coach students on their leadership development. Use the self-evaluation and observer evaluation from the Student Leadership Competencies 360 Evaluation to provide them insight on their leadership development.

Award Competency Badges for Completion of Experiences

Students love achieving milestones. Knowing that they completed one step helps them stay motivated to move forward to complete the next. Like badges awarded for Scouts, you can award students digital leadership competency badges for completion of specific trainings or milestones for promotion. There are 60 badges to earn, one for each competency, and you can design the experiences in which they earn badges. Using the Student Leadership Competencies® provides a one-stop shop for program design, assessment, and even recognition!