Academic Departments

Align Courses with Competencies Required by Your Academic Accrediting Agency

What leadership competencies do students need to develop to best leverage their capacity for getting a job and being successful in your field of study? The Student Leadership Competencies® have been mapped to all 522 accredited academic programs in higher education. Use the Student Leadership Competencies Database to find out the leadership competencies your students need for your program and use those competencies as a framework for course design.

Weave Leadership Curriculum into Your Courses

Regardless of major, students need to develop leadership competencies to prepare them for the world of work. How can you be intentional about weaving leadership development into your course curriculum? Using the Curriculum Index, you can find a comprehensive index of every leadership curriculum module in a variety of leadership books aligned to the Student Leadership Competencies®. No need for sifting and sorting through an entire book to find what you need. Simply select a competency and find all related curriculum across a variety of resources.

Integrate Leadership Tools in Your Courses

Need ideas for helping students identify and develop their competencies? Have students take the Student Leadership Competencies Inventory to self-assess their competency proficiency. From there, each student can create a professional development plan related to helping them develop the competencies needed by their academic programs, especially those they may not be as proficient in as indicated in their results from the Student Leadership Competencies Inventory. Use the self-evaluation and observer evaluation from the Student Leadership Competencies 360 Evaluation to provide them insight on their leadership development.

Assess Leadership Development in Your Courses

By aligning your courses with leadership competencies, you can know what students should be developing as a result of enrollment and easily assess their leadership learning. Adding SLC Self-Evaluation Measurements to existing evaluations can provide consistency in measurement and the ability to compare data across lessons, courses, and programs.

Demonstrate Student Learning and Development to Your Accrediting Agency

Each field has specific content areas that must be taught in order to receive or maintain accreditation. But, most accrediting bodies include outcomes that are not directly related to the content area at hand, reflecting more human development and life skills. How can you demonstrate that your courses and programs are also developing these competencies with students? By simply knowing what leadership competencies students need for your programs and reporting on initiatives that enhance these competencies, you can provide your accrediting agency tangible evidence of learning and development.