What is the Student Leadership Competencies® Database?

The Student Leadership Competencies® Database is a FREE tool to uncover essential leadership competencies required by higher education academic programs across all degree levels as determined by an analysis of each program’s learning outcomes. Programs included in this database are those from agencies accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, U.S. Department of Education, or the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors. A thorough analysis of each academic program’s learning outcomes was conducted to uncover any Student Leadership Competencies® that may be embedded in those outcomes.

Click HERE to access the database or read below for more information about how the database was developed and how to use the database.

How Do You Know Which Competencies Are Associated With Which Programs?

An Analysis of more than 36,000 learning outcomes across 605 academic programs in 83 accrediting agencies was conducted to uncover any leadership competencies embedded in those outcomes. For more information about the methodology of this study, go to the Research page on this website.

How is this Database Different from the Previous One?

Some of you may be wondering how this database is different from the one developed in 2013. The original database in 2013 was published online through Jossey-Bass. In 2019, however, the analysis was again conducted using updated agencies and outcomes. The updated SLC Database is available exclusively on this site. Check out below how the two differ.

  1. There were many new accrediting agencies and programs and many agencies and programs that were no longer in existence, which changed the review process considerably.
  2. Nearly all agencies and programs that were analyzed in 2013 and still in existence in 2019 had entirely new learning outcomes to analyze and a whole lot more of them.
2019 Study 2013 Study
Academic Accrediting Agencies Analyzed 83 97
Academic Programs Analyzed (All Degree Levels) 605 522
Total Learning Outcomes Analyzed 36,327 17,577
  1. There are two searches on this database. The Search by Academic Program populates the required leadership competencies linked with a specific academic program. The Search by Competency populates all academic programs linked with a specific competency.

How Do You Use the New Database?

Search by Academic Program

The top search (Career Field/Academic Program/Degree) will populate the required leadership competencies linked with a specific academic program. For example, you can find the competencies associated with Physical Education Teacher Education by first selecting Education in the Career Field drop-down menu, then Physical Education Teacher Education in the Academic Program drop-down menu, and then Bachelors from the Degree drop-down menu. Click”Search,” and the competencies associated with a Bachelors degree in Physical Education Teacher Education will appear under the search bars on the left.

This search is particularly helpful for being able to figure out specific leadership competencies associated with an academic program for those designing and/or facilitating leadership development in a specific disciplinary context or for people in a specific field.

Click HERE for a list of all agencies represented in the database.

Search by Competency

The bottom search (Competency/None Selected/None Selected) will populate all academic programs linked with a specific competency. For example, you can find the programs associated with the competency of Verbal Communication by first selecting Verbal Communication in the Competency drop-down menu, and then selecting as many Career Fields as you would like, and then as many Degrees as you would like (select one, more than one, or all). Click “Search,” and the academic programs associated with Verbal Communication will appear under the search bars on the left.

This search is particularly helpful for being able to market existing leadership opportunities focused on a specific competency. Planning a Mentoring training? Now you know who to invite! How about a Diversity retreat? Narrow your marketing to specific groups.

What are the Letters in the Parentheses?

Each academic program is labeled with an acronym in parentheses. These are the associated accrediting agencies. For example, AACSB is one of the accrediting agencies for Business. This information is useful in higher education institutions, specifically, for accreditation reporting. And, in some cases, there is more than one accrediting agency for a similar program. Make sure to see which one your campus uses and find the competencies associated specifically with that agency.

Does the New Database Include the Self-Evaluation Measurements Like the Old Database Did?

All of the downloadable self-evaluations formerly hosted on the Jossey-Bass website have been updated with the 6 domains of learning (Seemiller & Rosch, 2019) (instead of the previous 4 dimensions). Check them out! Instead of embedding them in the database, all of the updated measurements are free and accessible here.

How Do I Access the Database?

Just click on the blue box below!