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Leveraging the Student Leadership Competencies: Insights from Dr. Corey Seemiller and Associates

Interested in learning more about student leadership competency development? Watch the recording below of a workshop with Nancy Hunter Denney, Kelley Ashby, Dr. Tamara Burk, and Lauren Fleming on using the Student Leadership Competencies framework, tools, assessments, and resources. Learn how you can jumpstart, refine, or even create meaningful and intentional leadership development opportunities for students.

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Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Using the Student Leadership Competencies

Learn tips for using competencies to create or enhance leadership program frameworks, design intentional curriculum, and measure student leadership development with a variety of assessment methods. Resources, tools, and best practices will be shared.

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Mapping & Matching Leadership Competencies with Individual Student Career Choices

What leadership competencies are needed for a particular career path? It’s not one size fits all. Corey Seemiller’s Student Leadership Competencies Database (available for free online) maps 60 leadership competencies needed in every accredited academic disciplines against the axis of four time-tested leadership frameworks — Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, the Student Leadership Challenge, the Relational Leadership Model, and the Social Change Model. The database and associated resources are designed to help leadership educators understand and help develop the leadership competencies each individual student needs to succeed in their chosen field. Join Seemiller in this Leadership Perspectives webinar as she takes you through the research behind the Student Leadership Competencies Database and how to utilize the database and resources in your course and program design.

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