International Programs

Intentionally Integrate Leadership Development Into Global Experiences

We know that there are many benefits for students in participating in global experiences; one of which is that these experiences can serve as laboratories for leadership learning and development. By identifying leadership competencies related to each global experience, you can be intentional about crafting experiences that foster leadership learning.

Weave Leadership Development Curriculum Into Global Engagement Preparation

We know that preparing for studying abroad or a global experience is more than just packing a suitcase. As you design pre-workshops and planning sessions for students, consider implementing a leadership development component in which students identify leadership competencies they want to develop and chart a development plan for their experience. Tools such as the SLC Self-Guided Workbook, iOS app, and Student Leadership Competencies Inventory, along with SLC activities and curriculum can easily be woven into existing pre-workshops to help students develop an intentional leadership development plan for their global experience.

Market the Leadership Development Value of Global Engagement

Students want to know what they are getting with their time and energy when deciding whether to participate in a program or experience. Identify competencies associated with each global and study abroad program and experience and include these competencies in the descriptions for marketing and outreach so students can determine if participating would be a fit for their needs and interests. Create a searchable database or master list of all competencies and associated programs so students can easily find competency-based opportunities. In addition, share these intended competencies in the marketing content for programs and activities by posting SLC Marketing Icons on any print or digital media.

Assess Student Leadership Development Through Global Engagement Participation

We know that participating in global experiences can have a profound impact on a student. By aligning your programs and experiences with leadership competencies, you can know what students should be developing as a result of participation and easily assess their leadership learning by adding SLC Self-Evaluation Measurements to existing reflections and evaluations.