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The Student Leadership Competencies® Implementation Handbook is a downloadable eBook (with subscription to the Toolkit) that includes “how to” overviews, resources, and tools including:

  • Strategies and approaches for selecting competencies, overview of the competency mapping process, and tips for using competencies for program design
  • Marketing and branding strategies, including using the SLC Marketing Icons and developing buy-in and partnership for using the SLCs
  • Designing competency-based curriculum and strategies and sample agendas to infuse competencies into advising and supervision meetings
  • Curricular ideas for using the Student Leadership Competencies Inventory, Student Leadership Competencies Self-Guided Workbook, SLC iOS app, and SLC activities
  • Using Student Leadership Competencies® assessments including the SLC Self-Evaluation Measurements, SLC 360 Evaluations, SLC Inventory, Cognition Measurements, Significance Prompts, Rubrics, and Observer Evaluation Measurements
  • Strategies for providing coaching and feedback to students and how to use the SLCs for program evaluation
  • Best practices for recognition including setting up and issuing Student Leadership Competencies Badges, “How To” badge handouts for students and administrators, and a sample badge passport
  • Instituting competency awards and using competencies with co-curricular transcripts and ePortfolios

Available for download with subscription to the Implementation Toolkit. 

Use the Student Leadership Competencies Frameworks to see which competencies are associated with each of the following frameworks.

Academic Frameworks

  • Student Leadership Competencies® Study: Top 5 Most Prevalent Competencies Across Higher Education Accredited Academic Programs
  • Student Leadership Competencies® Study: Associated Competencies By Higher Education Accredited Academic Program
  • Common Core: Top 5 Most Prevalent Competencies Across K-12
  • Common Core: Associated Competencies by Grade Level

Learning Frameworks

  • CAS Standards
  • AAC&U LEAP: 21st Century College Education
  • Experiential Learning Competencies: High Impact Practices and Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

Retention Frameworks

  • ACT: Academic Performance and Retention Factors

Leadership Frameworks

  • Center for Creative Leadership: Leadership Gap
  • Relational Leadership Model
  • Social Change Model of Leadership Development
  • Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Gallup: Competencies Associated with Strengths
  • National Association of Campus Activities: College Student Leader Competencies and SLCs

Career Frameworks

  • National Association of Colleges and Employers: Workforce Competencies
  • U.S. Department of Labor: Industry Competencies

Service Frameworks

  • Servant Leadership
  • Leadership Competencies and Community Engagement Experiences

Professional Frameworks

  • ACPA and NASPA: Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators

The Competency Mapping Matrix is a fillable spreadsheet that allows you to audit your programs, courses, events, and roles for competency alignment.  Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

The Marketing Icons are 60 digital images (one for each competency) that can be used for print or digital marketing. Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit.

The Curriculum Index is a searchable spreadsheet that provides a list of all 60 Student Leadership Competencies by dimension with hundreds of associated activities and modules from six popular leadership curriculum sources:

  • Leadership theory: A facilitator’s guide for cultivating critical perspectives. (Dugan, Turman, & Barnes, 2017).
  • Exploring leadership: For college students who want to make a difference (3rd). (Komives, Lucas, & McMahon, 2013)
  • Leadership for a better world (2nd). (Komives & Wagner, 2009)
  • The student leadership challenge: Five practices for becoming an exemplary leader(2nd ). (Kouzes & Posner, 2014)
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership: A guide for college students (2nd). Shankman, Allen, & Haber-Curran, 2015)
  • Building leaders one hour at a time. (Matthews, 2013)

The activities, lesson plans, and resources for these activities are NOT included in the Toolkit. Instead, this is an index that associates every activity in the above leadership facilitation guides to each of the 60 competencies. To access these activities, you must purchase the leadership facilitation guides separately, which are available on Amazon. If you are interested in facilitating an activity around a specific competency, simply look in the index, find the activity, and refer to your purchased copy of the leadership facilitation guide listed.

Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

The Student Leadership Competencies Self-Guided Workbook is a digital downloadable workbook that includes self-rankings, reflection questions, and suggested activities for competency development that students can do on their own. The Toolkit includes a single use of a Self-Guided Workbook. To order additional copies for students for $5 each, please contact us. Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

The Significance Prompts are designed to measure students’ self-perception of the value they place on a particular competency. The prompts can also be used to measure a change in value. Each competency includes two value prompts; one involves a personal reflection of the use of the competency, and the other focuses on the general value of that competency. Great for use with journaling, reflection questions, or surveys.  Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

Interested in measuring students’ content knowledge of a particular competency? The Cognition Measurements are comprised of two quantitative and one qualitative measurement based on foundational theories and models associated with each competency. Use one, two, or all three measurements in quizzes, tests, and polling.  Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

The Rubrics provide full page rubrics for each of the 60 competencies to measure one or more observers’ perspectives on students’ ability to effectively use a particular competency.  Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

Use the Observer Evaluation Measurements as a way to evaluate to what extent students effectively use a particular competency in a real-life setting. Perfect to incorporate into performance evaluations, internship or project evaluations, or student leader feedback forms.  Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit. 

The Evaluation Database is a spreadsheet pre-programmed with formulas to calculate the results of data from the SLC Self-Evaluation measurements. Available for download with subscription to the Toolkit.

Additional Resources Not Included in the Toolkit

Student Leadership Competencies Badging is an official credential system that allows institutions and organizations to offer experiences for students to earn any of the 60 Student Leadership Competencies® badges. Contact to get started or for more information. $5 per badge per student.

The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook is a comprehensive resource that provides an overview, definitions, and curricular ideas for all 60 competencies. Available online. $40

The Student Leadership Competencies Database is a searchable database that outlines the leadership competencies associated with each of the 605 accredited academic programs in higher education. This database has been updated with new data as of December 2019. Available online. FREE

The Student Leadership Competencies® Taxonomy is based on a robust Delphi study of leadership educators in an effort to devise a sequence for teaching the Student Leadership Competencies®. See the publication in the Journal of Leadership Studies for the taxonomy and a roadmap of how to use it. Available online. FREE

The Student Leadership Competencies® Domains are based on the 6 domains of training and development created by Seemiller & Rosch in their article in New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development. Use these domains to design and assess what you want students to learn. Available online. FREE IF WILEY SUBSCRIBER

The Student Leadership Competencies Inventory is a self-reported online inventory that includes 8 short assessments to measure proficiency levels in each competency cluster. Available online. FREE

The Student Leadership Competencies 360 Evaluation includes both a self-evaluation and observer evaluation to measure competency proficiency. Available online. FREE

The SLC Self-Evaluation Measurements includes self-evaluation measurements for all six domains for each competency. Copy and paste them into your existing evaluations to uncover competency development. Available online. FREE

The Voyager and Trailblazer card decks help educators plan and students learn about leadership concepts and competencies in a fun and engaging way. Available online. PRICE VARIES.

The Leadership Competencies iOS App includes ranking and reflection exercises as well as suggested activities to enhance competencies. Available at the App Store. FREE.

Toolkit Plus

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