Kelley Ashby

Kelley Ashby has more than twenty years of experience in a variety of higher education administrative positions dealing with academic and co-curricular leadership development, education, and training; student organization advising; service-learning, civic engagement, and service trip coordination. In addition, she has fifteen years of experience as an adjunct faculty member; nine years of experience directing academic leadership courses, certificates, and academic advising at a large public university. She co-authored the Career Leadership Academy curriculum (designed to develop students’ leadership and career readiness skills) and co-chaired a campus-wide initiative aimed at infusing the Student Leadership Competencies into numerous co-curricular and academic programs, services, and coursework. Her experience with the Student Leadership Competencies® (SLCs) includes:

  • Building a Campus-Wide Support for the SLCs
  • Developing a Plan for Implementing the SLCs Campus-Wide
  • Leading Faculty and Staff in Campus-Wide SLC Implementation Efforts
  • Selecting the Most Relevant Competencies for Your Campus/Department/Unit
  • Developing and Aligning Programs to the SLCs
  • Mapping Curriculum, Trainings, and Retreat Agendas to the SLCs
  • Infusing SLCs into Conversations with Students
  • Using the SLCs with StrengthsFinder
  • Assessing Student Leadership Competency Development