Academic Advising

Share the Leadership Competencies Students Need to Be Successful in their Majors

As Academic Advisors, your role is critical in shaping a student’s entire college experience. How can you leverage this relationship to help connect students to the leadership development experiences they need to be successful in their college coursework? The 60 Student Leadership Competencies are mapped to all 522 accredited academic programs in higher education offering a road map as to what leadership competencies students need to develop to be successful in each major and associated career. Using the Student Leadership Competencies Database, you can search by major to find the leadership competencies required by that academic program’s accrediting agency. Share these with students so they can make informed decisions about their leadership development.

Provide Leadership Advising and Resources for Students

In addition to sharing the leadership competencies required for each major during your advising sessions, consider working with Student Affairs offices to put together a brochure or web page that highlights programs, events, and experiences that are aimed to develop particular competencies and see which of those fit best with the competencies the students need to develop in your academic programs. This is a “cheat sheet” for leadership advising that can provide you the opportunity to share what specific campus experiences your students can participate in to better leverage themselves for being prepared and successful for future employment.