Career Services

Integrate a “Career Leadership” Framework for Intentional Student Development

What leadership competencies do students need to develop to best leverage their capacity for getting a job and being successful in the world of work? The Student Leadership Competencies® have been used to create two career leadership frameworks, one built on NACE employer data and one built on Office of Personnel Management competencies that can be used for designing programs and services based on the leadership competencies students need for their future careers.

Help Students Identify the Leadership Competencies They Need for Their Careers

In addition to helping students develop the leadership skills outlined in the NACE career leadership framework, use the Student Leadership Competencies Database, a searchable database of all accredited academic programs in higher education, to help students identify the leadership competencies needed for their future careers.

Use Competencies to Help Students Determine Job Fit and Preparedness

How can we best prepare our students for jobs that require specific leadership proficiency? By having employers include competencies associated with job or internship postings in their online job posting submissions, students can get an idea as to what competencies are needed for success in those roles. This would allow them to better prepare for applying as well as determine fit before even engaging in the application process.

Market the Leadership Development Value of Career Services

Students want to know what they are getting with their time and energy when deciding whether to participate in a program or experience. Identify competencies associated with each program and experience, including career workshops and job fairs, offered through Career Services and include these competencies in the descriptions for marketing and outreach so students can determine if participating would be a fit for their needs and interests. Create a searchable database or master list of all competencies and associated programs so students can easily find competency-based opportunities. In addition, share these intended competencies in the marketing content for programs and activities by posting SLC Marketing Icons on any print or digital media.

Make Career Advising an Intentional Leadership Learning Opportunity

By using the Student Leadership Competencies, career advisors can infuse leadership advising into the career advising process. Have students take the Student Leadership Competencies Inventory to self-assess their competency proficiency and create a competency-based professional development plan.

Weave Leadership Development Curriculum Into Career Classes and Workshops

Use the Student Leadership Competencies® as a course or program design framework to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in the world of work. Using the SLC National Association of Colleges and Employers: Workforce Competencies framework, integrate those competencies related to career success to design curriculum and assignments that help develop students’ leadership capacity. Use the SLC Self-Guided Workbook, iOS app, Student Leadership Competencies Inventory, and SLC activities throughout the course to build upon students’ self-discovery and learning.

Help Students Showcase their Leadership Competencies to Employers

By helping students understand the leadership competencies they are proficient in, students have an entirely new language with which to market themselves to prospective employers. Have students describe experiences in their ePortfolios, co-curricular transcripts, and resumes using leadership competency language. In addition, consider providing a database of commonly used job description bullet points already written in leadership competency language to help students articulate their learning in addition to their experience in these important job search artifacts.