What are the Student Leadership Competencies®?

The SLCs are 60 leadership competencies derived from analyzing standards, models, and theories of leadership as well as the outcomes of all accredited academic programs in higher education. The image below highlights all 60 competencies categorized by the 8 main clusters.

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Competency Domains

The original competency dimensions from 2013 included Knowledge, Value, Ability, and Behavior, but those dimensions have been updated to domains and include the following:

Level 1

  • Significance: Value of utilizing the competency
  • Motivation: Motivation to utilize the competency
  • Efficacy: Belief in one’s own ability to utilize the competency

Level 2

  • Cognition: Understanding of the competency
  • Proficiency: Skills to utilize the competency

Level 3

  • Performance: Utilizing the competency